An exhibition of Safe & Sustainable Construction Materials, Methods & Equipment

safeconFrom childhood we play games of building block & Lego to make various shapes, house, castle and many more structure. Therefore the zeal to make or construct structure is an innate feature instilled deep inside our heart. As we grow up many of us dream of having our own house, factory but we have next to know idea how the buildings are being constructed. We have to trust our developers blindly on the quality of building materials, there is next to no platform to learn about these issues.

Additionally we often face the problem of power shortage in our house, office or factory premises and we have to rely on either local agents or foreign suppliers for power generators. Thus we have very limited options to choose from and if we want to have renewable energy to satisfy our need for power we have next to no clue where to go.
To answer all these queries, for the second time, SAFECON an innovative exhibition on smart living is about to be held at Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC) on 11-13 May 2017. This is an exhibition which will host three concurrent expo: 1. Construction Materials 2. Power Generator 3. Products on renewable energy.

So if you are looking for smart solution for construction materials, power generation solutions and renewable energy solutions for power then you should book your appointment for the exhibition. The primary attraction of the event is the wide variety of products displayed by local business house & international suppliers.

This event is being organized by SAVOR International Limited. SAVOR is an exhibition organizer that provides the industry with platforms that bring together buyers and sellers from around the world, through a portfolio of exhibitions, content led conferences & seminars. SAVOR is an interface between Government, business, academia, society and media etc. SAVOR hosts large scale exhibitions and conferences across the country every year; thereby enabling trade across multiple industry verticals. Patrons of the Exhibition are NDE Steel Structures Ltd., BASF Bangladesh Ltd., BRB Cable Industries Ltd., Advanced Technology & Ideas Ltd., Powered by Mahindra (Rangs Motors Ltd.), G-Tech Solution Ltd., Eladda Group and Power Cell, SREDA, IDCOL are collaborated as Knowledge Partner of the Exhibition.

Backed by an experienced team of professionals, SAVOR’s events draw both local and international participants. SAVOR’s commitment to ensuring greater mileage for exhibitors and partners is evidenced by the creation of memorable and effective events. SAVOR’s events are conceptualized with an innovative mindset that’s backed by extensive research and planning whilst tapping on an extensive network of resources.

Besides organizing Exhibitions, SAVOR also works as a full-fledged ‘Trade Promotion Agency’ assisting Companies expand their Operations and Network in neighbor countries and also Worldwide.