Benefits of tamarind for skin, hair and health!

502242-tamarindTamarind is deliciously sweet and tangy, and is one of the widely used spice-condiments found in every South-Asian kitchen. Loaded with minerals and vitamins, tamarind has an abundance of health benefits.

Here are some amazing health benefits of tamarind:

* Tamarind fruit prevents constipation as it is rich in dietary fiber such as tannins, mucilage and pectin.

* Tamarind preparations are used for fevers, sore throat, rheumatism, inflammation, etc.

* Tamarind can heal the inflammation of the skin to a great extent.

* Tamarind can lower levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) thereby promoting healthy cardiovascular health.

* Tamarind is extremely high in tartaric acid, a good source of antioxidants that fight against cancer.

* Tamarind is used for treating bile problems.

* Tamarind also keeps the hair strong and prevents hair fall.