Hackers steal data from 3 banks in Bangladesh

Hackers-With-An-AgendaA Turkish hacking group has claimed to have hacked three Bangladeshi banks and leaked data in a latest incident that highlighted the vulnerabilities of the banking system.

The banks are Dutch Bangla Bank, City Bank and Trust Bank. The group also hacked two other banks from Nepal — Business Universal Development Bank and Sanima Bank, according to US-based DataBreachToday.com, a website that provides news on data breach detection, notification and prevention.

However, officials of the Bangladeshi banks said that no customer credentials were compromised. The hackers did not make any financial demand.

The size of the file archives posted was 11.2MB for City Bank, and 312KB and 95KB for DBBL and Trust Bank respectively, according to Data Breach Today.

However, information whether the hackers stole money from any of the affected banks was not available.