Daisy Shah doesn’t want Salman to get married!

daisy-storyThe buzz thet is talk of the town is Salman Khan’s impending marriage that he will be marrying Lulia by the end of this year.

While all his near and dear ones want the superstar to tie the knot soon, his ex co-star Daisy Shah has some other wishes.

The actress who is also a very close friend of Salman does not want him to get married ever.

At a recent event, when she was quizzed about Salman tying the knot with Lulia, she said, “I am against marriage. So I wouldn’t want my friends to get married as well.”

Also, a few days back Lulia and Daisy had a major fight regarding Salman. Daisy’s growing proximity with Salman was bothering Lulia following which she warned the actress to maintain distance from him.\