If you want to be intelligent

intellegntKnowledge and understanding of the two friends. As for education needs to be studied. Similarly, understanding the root water needs nutritious food. Because we need to be intelligent brain nutrition. Since the strength of understanding.

Healthy diet can correct your fertile brain. In this case, I should not be the only health stuck. We need something else. So let’s assume that, understanding how the seeds can be turned into a big tree:

Machah oily salmon, myakarela, Sardine, marine fish such as cod are abundant fatty acids. These fatty acids, the brain, eyes and nervous system plays a vital role in the formation. If a couple of days a week to eat fish brain caused such problems will be less. Brennan will be bred.

Sabajih leaf green leaf vegetables, as well as the body, nourishing the brain. Rose plays the green-leaf vegetables such as memory extinction event does not occur. Especially spinach, broccoli is very beneficial to eat. Because, as it contains anti-oxidants, phalita, Vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Eat six eggs a week is very important for good health dimah. Boiled egg, a plate of food every day is important. However, only the white part of the egg will not play. To eat egg yolks. In the meantime, the Iron. These elements make red blood cells. , Which helps to supply oxygen to the brain kareechara vitamin B-12 and iodine to strengthen the power of memory. So if you want to make yourself alert and attentive Rose Place eggs in a plate.

Green tih brain is about 70 percent water. This is because the brain is so perfect that keeps the water moist. So tired whenever required, to drink a cup of green tea. Will be swinging a wink. Also improves memory power. The anti-oxidants in green tea regularly drank until his manhood will protect you from dementia.