Who is ahead of Facebook, worker or boss?

facebookWho is sitting in the office using Facebook for a long time. The boss’s office, or the staff under him? Norwegian researchers recently the subject of a study conducted over 11 thousand office workers. Studies Office at the employee’s personal use of a variety of social networking website Facebook basakei more than can be seen.

Norway’s University of Bergen study, researchers found more use Facebook for personal purposes during work managers. Press Trust of India reported.

Post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Psychology iuaibira ayandreyasena Shao said Cecil, web browsing for personal use during working hours, they showed a negative attitude, the top executive officers, it was over. In addition, young workers aged office workers use social networking Web sites more than personal use.

The researchers said the women work more than men use Facebook for personal purposes. Educated in the field of social networking activity is more common. Relationship status on social networking website that “in a-kept, the more lonely, more active on the site can be seen in the and upset people.