Say no to fastfood.

fastfoodPizza, burgers, coke, chips – all sitting in front of the television, it’s a lot of children and adolescents has become a habit, even day to day. But ever wondered what consequences? As a result of eating fast food on a regular basis in the future life can be pretty disturbing.

The Western world is becoming very popular day by day in our country, such as fast food. But criticism of the West is fast for a long time. Eating fast food on a regular basis to find out what could be the physical reaction to Nick Knight, refer to the report published in The Independent.

With time running neck and neck in this world of fast food taken very hard the roots. Power is the main reason for the modern lifestyle of fast food, it’s quick, easy and cheap. But our body’s reaction is not so simple.

Now almost everyone knows, delicious to eat fast food, because a lot of these foods, and phyate sugar (carbohydrates and fatty) is packed. Many are now concerned about the amount of sugar in particular. On the question of reducing sugar levels in the western world now is quite a fuss. The well with a variety of vocal activists and media. If you wake up some morning, “a piece of sugar” burn effigy! Many people as quickly as possible, ‘Sugar Tax’ seeks setting. As a result of this report, than sugar, saturated fat, and trans fat “will be discussed.

Fatty material, especially “unsaturated fat” necessary and beneficial for health. Oleaginous fish from the large amounts of nutrients that we receive. A quiet meal and the balance required to keep the body healthy ‘fat’ is very important. Our body protects itself from the fat, physical activity and provides the energy that keeps the body with the necessary insulation.